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I'm passionate about helping people learn, grow and move forward in their performance or fitness journey.  Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, I can help you not only identify the next steps, but help you take those next steps!



I am here to help YOU achieve YOUR goals.  All personal training is tailored specifically to the goals you want to achieve.  My goal as your personal trainer is to create a program that will fit into YOUR daily lifestyle, a program that will challenge you but one that you will be able to accomplish.  My goal is to equip you with some knowledge and the confidence to carry on moving, exercising and living a balanced lifestyle for the rest of your life!  I believe exercising and moving your body should be enjoyable and something that you look forward to as a way to live a healthier life that will have lasting benefits!  Contact me to                    your initial consultation



Eat this. Don't eat this. How do you know where to begin!? I can help you make sense of all the 'nonsense' thats out there. Fuelling your body shouldn't be something that brings anxiety it should be enjoyable, tasty and life-giving! There is more to my nutrition coaching then me simply telling you what or 'what not to eat'. * spoiler alert there are no BAD foods, there are less nutritiously dense foods that you should eat in moderation and there are more nutritiously dense foods that you should eat more of! * there are usually deep rooted reasons why we over eat, continuously make poor choices and feel stress or anxiety when it comes to food. We will tackle these reasons which will lead to lasting change. If you want to give up the restricted diet-culture and learn to fuel your body and enjoy life with energy                            me today and we can get started! 


I've heard a number of people say "I don't mind working out, I just don't like doing it alone."  Well don't do it alone!!  Grab a few of your friends [ minimum 2 additional people ] and lets get started!  Each person in the group would receive the same training program with minor adjustments being made as needed!

Corporate coaching is such a great opportunity for company employees to work together towards separate and common goals! People spend a large portion of their day with their coworkers, what great accountability!  As your coach I would come in and assess your work environment, look for areas to improve and provide training programs at a beginner level up to advanced.  

Bridge Pose


There are numerous benefits to both yourself (the mum) and the baby when you choose to exercise during your pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy can reduce the length of labour as well as reduce complications during labour. Research has also shown that babies of exercising mothers had a higher APGAR scores (assess the physical condition of baby at birth) than babies of un-exercising mothers.  I have the knowledge to SAFELY guide you through your workouts during pregnancy.  It is very important to maintain good physical activity throughout the duration and following your pregnancy, however there SHOULD BE MODIFICATIONS. If you would like to safely maintain your exercise program during your pregnancy                                        You AND your baby will thank you! 

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